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Course Objectives

Students will:
  1. gain experience in undertaking an original research project under the mentorship of a faculty member
  2. have three opportunities over the Fall and Winter terms to present their research projects in seminar format.
  3. write a final formal thesis summarizing their research results
  4. attend weekly research seminars in the department, as well as the seminars of the other students in the 59-410 course

Research project and supervisor

At their earliest convenience, students should:
  1. contact a potential research supervisor directly or contact Dr. Schurko for assistance with research project placement (please note, there are a limited number of research positions; supervisors have the right and authority to accept or refuse students into their laboratories without explanation).
  2. fill out the online form indicating supervisor, research project, etc.


All students will present:
  1. a research proposal - background/context of research; proposed project (7 minutes in length, 3 minutes for questions - November 2012)
  2. a progress report - update on progress in research project (7 minutes in length, 3-5 minutes for questions - February 2013)
  3. a thesis defence - a formal seminar open to the public (15 minutes, 5 minutes for questions - April 2013)

  • All presentations must be done in Powerpoint or equivalent digital format

  • Only the final defence is open to the public; 59-410 proposal and progress seminars are closed sessions

  • Students must complete all three presentations and the final thesis to pass this course

  • Students must attend all 59-410 seminars


A formal thesis must be submitted to supervisor and project reader no later than the set deadline. The thesis must be written as per University of Windsor standards (for more information on these standards, click here).

Marking Scheme

Research proposal presentation

Progress presentation

Supervisor assessment of research skill/effort

Undergraduate Thesis

30% *
Thesis defence

30% **
Department Seminars

5% ***

*Undergrad thesis: supervisor 15%; reader 15%
**Thesis defence: coordinator 5%; supervisor 10%; reader 15%
***Includes weekly departmental seminars in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physics or Biology. Students attend seminars to watch different presentation styles and learn about cutting edge science from internationally renowned researchers.