59-400 & 59-410

Research, Volunteerism and Seminars


Welcome to the homepage for the 59-410 Research and 59-400 Development of Leadership, Outreach and Presentation Skills in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry at the University of Windsor.

These courses represent two of the most rewarding and exciting opportunities that students can have during their undergrad careers.

In 59-410 (Research), students get a chance to work on real-world, cutting edge research with a faculty member and their research group. Not only will this course be important for determining if you like research, but it leads to opportunities including (i) summer research positions, (ii) developing close relationships with other students and faculty, and (iii) forwarding your career track.

In 59-400 (59-400 Development of Leadership, Outreach and Presentation Skills), students engage in 36 hours of volunteer activities and 12 hours of seminars. This course is crucial for developing a spirit of volunteerism, for getting involved with students, staff and faculty in leadership and outreach activities, and of course, for developing your experience and future resume/CV for applications to professional schools, graduate schools, or potential employers.

Important advice

If you decide to take 59-410, it is well worth it to take 59-400, if not for the reasons above, then for more pramagtic reasons:

  • there no final examination or major paper
  • 59-400 replaces one optional course in your degree program
  • this course lightens the study/work load during exam periods